The idea of establishing Hellenic Aquatics was born a few years ago but recently became a necessity.   The main reason is the continuously increasing need for promising and committed junior Swimmers from Greece to seek and secure an improved Athletic and Academic development in the USA and more specifically in US Colleges/Universities.  The best way to accomplish that is to guide and manage everything from A to Z including each and every related aspect in that regard over time and progress.  This is more important considering that certain Swimmers with great potential and their families are not aware about the possibilities that could eagerly pursue otherwise.


What makes Hellenic Aquatics different and very effective are the following facts

a) SPECIALIZES only in Swimming.  This enables the organization to focus on this area in particular.

b) COMBINES Academics and Swimming in the best possible way

c) ASSOCIATES all tasks, actions and processes with Professionals and Facilities providing specialized assistance on every level of the Academic as well as Swimming aspects.

d) COMPREHENDS an in-depth knowledge of US Colleges/Universities Swimming and it is constantly updated with related developments