College Week of Swimming 2024

From August 18 to 25, 2024, Hellenic Aquatics and MAX College Sports are organizing the groundbreaking College Week program, which will take place in Grammatiko, Attica, approximately one (1) hour northeast of Athens.

This program is unique worldwide because it not only includes a purely athletic (swimming, gymnastics, etc.) schedule like a typical camp but also encompasses relevant Education, Information, and Entertainment. The goal is for participants to experience life as if they were at a U.S. university for a week, both in athletic and educational aspects. This will enrich them with experiences by firsthand exposure to innovative training methods and valuable information they cannot obtain under any other circumstances.

For each part of the Athletic program, well-known and highly experienced coaches from top U.S. university swimming programs and specialists in relevant sports fields have been appointed.

Additionally, the Educational and Informative parts of the program will be developed and presented by expert scientists and professionals related to the subjects included in the program.

Therefore, participating athletes will gain extremely valuable experiences that they could not have under any other conditions. This will help them not only improve their athletic performance but also gain a more in-depth understanding of what they love and continually invest in with effort and sacrifices, both themselves and their families.

What is the Purpose of College Week?

The aim of College Week is to provide Greek swimmers with an experience different from any other swimming camp. This pioneering program allows athletes to discover another side of swimming training and preparation. Additionally, through seminars and presentations of the educational program, athletes will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on topics related to elite sports beyond daily training.

The ultimate goal is for the children to broaden their athletic (and not only) knowledge, see swimming training and general strengthening from another perspective, and mainly to live a fun experience with unforgettable moments.

What are the Criteria for an Athlete’s Participation?

To participate, athletes must be competitive-level swimmers, aged 14-18, with the willingness and enthusiasm to improve, learn new things, and have fun.

What Will the Athletic Program Include?

The overall program will follow a weekly schedule of an American University. Specifically:

  • Morning and Afternoon Practices
  • Strength Training (Bodyweight, Weightlifting, etc.)
  • Yoga
  • Beach Workouts
  • Recovery
  • Swimming Technique Measurements with the Aquanex™ system

What Will the Educational Program Include?

Just like at an American University, the educational program will be overseen by relevant scientists in each field:

  • In-Body Composition Analysis
  • Sports Physiology and Injury Recovery
  • Swimming Technique Analysis
  • Analysis of Athletic Programs
  • Career Guidance and Academic Programs

When and How Can I Register?

Those interested can fill out the Interest Form as soon as possible, as participation spots are limited.

The Interest Form does not commit anyone and does not guarantee an athlete’s participation in the event, as spots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis due to the limited availability.

Click on the button below to submit your Interest Form, and we will be contacting you as soon as we receive it.



For more information, you can call us at +30 698 658 0146 & +30 693 265 0987 or send us an email at