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Welcome to the Hellenic Aquatics Events Page, your hub for exciting aquatic activities and community gatherings!
Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or a water enthusiast, we have events that will engage and inspire you.


Dive into Excitement

Our calendar is full of activities for all ages and skill levels, from thrilling swim meets to family-friendly pool parties.

Competitions and Championships

Showcase your skills in our regional and national swim meets, open water races, and synchronized swimming competitions.

Community and Social Events

Join our themed swim nights, charity swims, and holiday celebrations to meet fellow enthusiasts. We also offer workshops on water safety and swim techniques.

Learn and Improve

Enhance your skills with our training camps and clinics led by experienced coaches.

Join Us!

Stay updated with our events by checking our calendar and following us on social media. Whether you want to compete, learn, or just enjoy the water, Hellenic Aquatics has something for everyone. For more information or to register for events, please contact us. Our friendly staff is here to assist you.


College Week August 2024

From fueling your performance to fine-tuning your mindset and physique, this week is about making waves in every aspect of your aquatic journey.

Swimming & Culture - Masters

A Once-In-A-Lifetime VIP Event of Swimming & Cultural Adventures which includes swimming in unspoiled areas and islands with fantastic seas, as well as visiting close by historical sites and cultural places.