Exclusive Strategic Partnership with Swimming Technology Research (STR) of USA

Hellenic Aquatics is proud to announce its Exclusive Strategic Partnership with Swimming Technology Research (STR) of USA covering Greece and Cyprus. More specifically, Hellenic Aquatics will promote, organize and conduct the specialized services developed and implemented by Dr. Rod HAVRILUK, who is the Founder and President of STR. There is a plethora of information about STR and Dr. HAVRILUK across the Web and YouTube and in a variety of specialized publications, announcements and sites related to Swimming, International Coaching, FINA, etc.
Hellenic Aquatics with Dr. HAVRILUK are in the process of organizing the 1st Swim Technology Program in Athens within the upcoming weeks of months depending on availability and related. Specific announcements are due to follow promptly. Hellenic Aquatics is certain of the essentially beneficial effects of this program and, as such, more Swim Technology Programs are to be organized soon after and in due time.
With this opportunity, Dimitris KONTINOPOULOS of Hellenic Aquatics stated: Greek Swimmers and Coaches have a unique opportunity to benefit from proven Swimming Technologies as they have been developed by Dr. Rod HAVRILUK of STR and followed by coaches, teams and swimmers in countries of the highest swimming level like the US, Australia, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, etc. We feel honored being chosen by STR and Dr. HAVRILUK to become their Exclusive Partner and we are looking forward to introduce and conduct these programs in Greece and Cyprus soon. This is especially important as we are getting closer to major events like Regional Competitions, European Championships and the Olympic Games in Rio. Nevertheless, the Programs, apart from their “core week”, will be continuous with follow up measurements, extensive evaluations and is intended to spread even further – in order to cover and help improve as many Coaches and Swimmers as possible, of all ages and competitive levels across Greece and Cyprus.

Ioannis (Yiannis) Kontinopoulos, coordinative advisor for Hellenic Aquatics commented: Swimming, and sports in general, has always needed science in order to progress. David Epstein’s famous TED talk (2 million+ views) on how technology affected sports included the brilliant case of swimming, which had huge improvements in time progressions when big scientific and technological innovations where incorporated worldwide. In Hellenic Aquatics, we have a vision of revolutionizing the Greek and Cypriot swimming communities by promoting the very use of scientifically-backed practices. We are optimistic of the results and we see these practices being widely implemented in the future. It is our firm opinion that time has come for the Greek and Cypriot swimming communities to keep up with and, why not, surpass the global competition in the implementation of evidence-based innovations.

Dr. Rod HAVRILUK of STR stated: This partnership with Hellenic Aquatics represents an exciting opportunity for both organizations to show how science and technology can be applied to the sport of swimming. We look forward to an amazing relationship that helps coaches and swimmers in Greece and Cyprus be even more successful.

For more information please refer to www.hellenicaquatics.gr or www.swimmingtechnology.com and/or contact info@hellenicaquatics.gr