Member Code: 2105168278
First Name: Gedeon (Gideon)
Date of Birth: 24 March 2005
Academics: Any documentation and/or related data i.e. transcripts, etc. are available upon request
Current Status: Attending High School – Thessaloniki – Graduating June 2023
Future Plans: Undecided (Intended major: S.T.E.M)
Athletics: Any specific data and related details are available upon request
Specialization: Goalkeeper
Videos: gedeon_wpc.mp4 – Google Drive

waterpolo gedeon.mp4 – Google Drive

Target starting season: Fall 2023



Served as primary Goalkeeper in U17 roster and as a backup goalie in U19 Roster of PAOK Team. In both age groups (U17 and U19) won Age Group National Championships. Participated in three matches in men’s first division (A1) as second youngest player in PAOK Team. Called to the Age 15-16 National Team preparation camp.



Served as one of the team’s primary goalkeepers and placed fifth in the under 17 Junior championship and fourth in the under 19 division.


2019-2020 season

Helped team reach the final of national championship for second time after under 13 Junior championship.  Team also placed 2nd in the under 15 Junior championship.  Placed fifth in the under 17 division and participated in five matches in the men’s first division (A1) as one of the youngest players in the division.  Called to the National Team preparation camp but games were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


2018-2019 season

Served as one of the team’s primary goalkeepers and helped team take fifth place at under 15 Junior Championship.


2017-2018 season

Joined PAOK water polo team and made an immediate impact as team’s primary goalkeeper.  Helped club be unbeaten in all matches of the category [under 13 junior championships] and won under 13 Category National Championship.