Member Code: 2204184391
First Name: Stylianos (Stelios)
Date of Birth: 23 March 2004
Academics: Any documentation and/or related data i.e. transcripts, etc. are available upon request
Current Status: Attending High School – Athens – Graduating June 2022
Future Plans: Undecided (Intended major: S.T.E.M)
Athletics: Any specific data and related details are available upon request
Specialization: Forward
Videos: Link
Target starting season: Fall 2022



2021-2022: Currently a starter at U19 team and preparing for the penultimate phase of the championship. Play mainly at the right side but sometimes I also play at the left side as well.

2020-2021: Joined YDRAIKOS nautical club however it was a very difficult year as I had to train at sea and at home because of the lock down. Eventually I was a starter as a right winger and right point for U17 and U19 teams where we reached the penultimate phase of the championships.

2019-2020: Starter playing mostly at the right side, to U19 U17 teams both reaching the final stage of the championships.

2018-2019: Re-joined ETHNIKOS Club and trained really hard in order to cover the two lost years. I was a starter in the U15 and U17 teams and been the first substitution at U19 team as a right winger and right point.

2016-2018: Played water polo just for my school (Pierce ACG) and led my team to first place while playing in the center forward position of the related tournament.

2015-2016: Started water polo at ETHNIKOS Club and immediately was recruited as a peripheral player to go to Italy for an international tournament (haba-waba), where we took the 5th place out of 192 teams.

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